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Long-distance coach travel tips

From VARP’s On Track newsletter, summer 2007

By Jim Churchill, VARP executive vice president and board member

Long-distance train trips are long, but they are an unforgettable experience to see what the majority of Americans never see. You should enjoy it!

As you glide along, you’ll see mountains, streams, rivers, flat farmland and prairies as far as the eye can see. You’ll see stars so bright they shine through tinted glass. You’ll see great cities from afar and backyards and junkyards maybe closer than you wish. You’ll see hundreds of people going through their daily lives, many of whom find the time to wave to you as you pass through. Wave back—use a white napkin or cloth so they can see you waving through the tinted glass.

Here are some more tips to help you enjoy a long-distance coach trip:

Enjoy your trip!