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Virginia Association of Railway Patrons

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Potomac Eagle in WV
The South Branch Valley Potomac Eagle alongside the south branch of the Potomac River in West Virginia, 2003. Copyright Steve Dunham.

MARC West Virginia service in danger

Negotiations are under way to preserve MARC service beyond Maryland to Martinsburg, WV. Rail Passengers Maryland are working to alert passengers. Please see that organization’s website.

Amtrak returns to Roanoke

Amtrak returned to Roanoke Oct. 31, 2017, with a single daily round trip between Roanoke and the Northeast, leaving Roanoke in the morning and arriving at Roanoke in late evening. Please visit the Amtrak website for schedules and tickets.

Manassas Mayor honors Dick Peacock

Manassas Mayor Harry Parrish and Dan Peacock with proclamation honoring Dick Peacock

In November 2016, Manassas Mayor Harry Parrish issued a proclamation commending “the late Richard Peacock, former Secretary of the Virginia Association of Railway Patrons” for working “indefatigably to promote passenger rail service in the Northern Virginia area.”

Manassas Mayor Harry Parrish and Dan Peacock with proclamation honoring Dick Peacock

Cardinal Conference in Cincinnati

Amtrak, rail advocates, government officials, and business leaders met in Cincinnati Sep. 23 to discuss improvement of the Chicago–New York Cardinal—including daily service. Read more.

Help Bedford get passenger train service

The town of Bedford, Virginia, between Lynchburg and Roanoke, wants the Roanoke train (which began running Oct. 31, 2017) to stop there. VARP president Mike Testerman is assisting the town with its efforts. More than 8,000 citizens have signed a petition asking for the train to stop there. You can learn more and sign the online petition at

Cardinal and Crescent get Business Class

Amtrak’s New York–Chicago Cardinal and New York–New Orleans Crescent now have Business Class seats.

About our organization

Welcome to VARP’s station on the World Wide Web.

The Virginia Association of Railway Patrons is a nonprofit, tax-exempt membership organization working to promote expanded rail service in Virginia and West Virginia. Donations are tax-deductible.

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